Online Diary: Entry #1

April 03, 2016

Yes yes yes! You read that right! I am going to have a new add-on here in my blog! and this is my online diary! I want to share you guys my experiences and everything and also I want to just you know, just typing my thoughts and everything. So in this entry I'm going to tell you what I did or do this day. Earlier, me and my mom make gulaman! or Jellos, whatever you call it, name it! haha! it was sooooo yummy and we had Pancit for our lunch and it was amazing! My Mom is a great cook and I can't even say no when she cooks! And, the following hours, I stay at my roon as usual and facing my computer and y'know, blogging and I'm also making a my new header which I already apply it on my blog! and the evening came and right after we ate our dinner, my Uncle arrived, and he told us he's going to fly away to manila, my dad told him we will gonna go with him to the airport so that he won't be commuting, and we also go for it! and here it goes, right when we were about to leave, I forgot I just leave my laptop on my desk near our window! I was sooo scared someone might go and get my laptop because I didn't lock my window and that makes the bad people easier to get my laptop! I was  so scared but when we came home, I still saw my laptop and I am sohappy about it, I promise, I will never do it again!


P.S there's a new add-on on my blog this week! So stay-tuned!


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