Online Diary: Entry #2

April 05, 2016

Hello everyone! I'm going to tell you what I did today so far, So let's start in the morning because of course, dzuh. Actually, Earlier, I slept like few hours only because I go to bed around 1 am in the morning because I was reading an Online Textserye,If you don't know what that means it's okay, I got your back, I would explain everything on my next blogpost! (I hope! hahahaha) and just like reading those things online, I'm also planning to do a Trend Report Blogpost, where I'm going to talk to you guys what are the trends right know, and I think I will do it by month, and I was inspired to do it or to make a blogpost about all the trend stuff because of Michelle Phan, she do videos like those and it really helped me lot because I will only watch her videos and I already know what's the trend right know, so I'm also doing it on my blog, BUT I'm not copying what she said on her videos or taking the products on purpose etc. I'm going to name it "Monthly Trends" do you guys like it? Comment down below if you have any ideas for the new blogpost because I wanna hear your opinions!
I also wrote a blogpost about St. Ives' product today, and if you wanna check it out Click the BEAUTY on the label bar. I'm really been into taking care of my skin and I'm gonna do a blogpost about what I use, my advices, tips, bad experiences, etc. I was going to do it today but then I opted for making a Diary Entry. I wasn't feeling a little hyper this day. And also, I watch my favvvvvvv Japanese Drama today! Not the full drama though, but some of the episodes! It's Itazura na Kiss 2! I really miss that drama and I never get tired of watching it, and also, I was about to watch a new drama but then I was hooked up by YouTube! I'm currently watching a Haul Video right now, While typing this entry for you guys. and I'm also currently on twitter. If you want to keep in touch to me(LOL) just click the Social Media Icons on the Right Side, Below the Blog Archieve I guess? haha to follow me on twitter,  instagram and youtube. I do not make youtube videos that much but I post random ones, like promoting my blog or story promotions or even just random things .haha


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