Online Diary: Entry #3

April 15, 2016

Hello everyone! I'm very very very sorry because I haven't blogged in a while, basically, I just watched Dream High, which I finished last Sunday, and me and my family just bought a GTA: San Andreas game for the XBOX 360, Even if I dind't mention it here on my blog before, I really love Grand Theft Auto San Andreas! I am going to do a blog post about that so you must stay tuned! Also, I'm going to make a blogpost about my reaction towards the one of the most fav. korean dramas in all time, which is Dream High.

Last april 8, it was our card giving and I saw my grades and I am pretty happy withit, and then, at the same day, I enrolled myself for the up coming school year, which I'm going to be on grade 10! yay! And I just found out that me and my close friend are classmates again! We were classmates when we were in 7th grade but we are not classmates when we were 8th and 9th grade but we still keep in touch. in the afternoon that day, we already had a plan, we will be going to somewhere with my other friend, We went to Ayala and we ate KFC and also went to Ice Castle for dessert. after that, we go back to our school because there are still some steps that we haven't done to make ourselves enrolled. And then we already go home and my mom and dad was very happy about my grades and everything and we also go to church that time  because it's  the only time that all of us were available.

April 10 was a bomb! I finished Dream High that day and we also went to our local wet market and we bought Tamarinds, and some vegetables etc. I was also with my mom, dad and little brother that time, I also got 2 pairs of earring which is really afordable and super cute! I would be showing that to you guys in a blogpost in the future! (If I could remember then, haha!) and then at the same day, we go to SM and we bought the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas CD for XBOX 360 and as I've said earlier, I'm going to be doing a blogpost about that so I'm not gonna explain it in detailed in this blogpost.

These past few days, I'm really been into making my room cute as possible, I wanna have fairy lights but I just can't buy them right now because it's summer in the philippines and Lights are only available around the Christmas time so I need to wait like 2 months or so to get them which is sad but still, I'm still doing alot of things of it, and once I'm very satisfied, I'm going to take some snaps of my room and I will show it to you guys!


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