Why does it have to be you?

June 24, 2017

 I met you in 10th grade
Lucky enough, you became my seatmate
At first, I felt uneasy
But you didn't mind it. Really.

Unfortunate things happened
And you have someone in particular back then
I wasn't ready enough to admit
It was you I'm in love with

You do all these sweet things to her
While I'm here suffering from jealousy
You're one of a kind
And you're constantly on my mind

Sometimes I ask myself why
Why does it have to be you?
It's something I couldn't explain
And I bet so as god too

Friends. Family. Her
They're all important to you
But I wondered
Am I one of them too?

You happened to be one of my firsts
Chatting till 3, holding hands
Wandering in the streets
And many more experiences
I couldn't believe

Senior high came
And everything changed
I wondered if you're still okay
But I guess you're doing fine
Without me anyway

So I guess 
I should stop here
I should know my limits
Cause everything comes to an end

I should accept the truth
And move on
Adios, my friend,
My first,
My last love.

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