Bff Goals?

November 01, 2015

Same Flavor of Frappe, Same Shoes, Same Clothes, Same Bags Almost everything is the same.
Bff Goals? I don't think so, for me Bff Goals is having a friend that cannot only say "I am here always", "I miss you" , "I love you" but they can prove it to you that they are sincere.

Many people nowadays always go to social media and look at those picture with captions like "bff goals" or "me and my bestfriend" and they will share it to public and kinda like want to have that kind of life? But believe me, You and your friends are already Goals. Not all relationship is perfect right? So I bet you also have some ups and downs but there you are, still friends. That's the real bff goals. 

In Social Media, I never this thought. It's all about things, common is frappe from starbucks. or shakes or whatsoever.

You and Your Bff is already Goals.

You just have to open your mind up and realize everything and be happy and contented of what you have. 

nadyahginice | 2015

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