DIY : Autumn T-Shirt

November 07, 2015

Hello my fellow Readers! Today I am going to show you how to make an Autumn Shirt!

This is a great way to enhance your creativity and also, you can save money by making your own T-shirt because probably stores that are selling Autumn Themed T-Shirts may be a little bit pricey bacause of their brand and also this time of the year. So, I thought I would show you how to make one!

Things you will need:
-Stencil of your design
(Instructions on how to make your stencil will be down below)
-Plain T-Shirt (color of your choice)
-Paint Brush or Sponge
-Textile paint /Fabric paint (any color you prefer)
Go to the link and pick a clipart of a leaf that suits you and save it your computer.
Go to a word document and paste the picture and you could adjust the size, then print.
after printing, cut it to make a stencil.
Place your stencil whereever on your plain t-shirt and tape it to secure it.
start dipping your sponge or paintbrush to your paint and carefully dabb it to the shirt. once it is done, you could get the stencil and palce it to the part of the shirt that is still canvas.
and voila! done!

nadyah ginice | 2015

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