My Dream

March 30, 2016


Yesterday, March 29,2016 I had this dream.
It's very scary and I don't know why I dream about it as well.

I am scared to tell this to my Family so I'm sharing it to you guys.

Yesterday Morning after breakfast, I lay down to my bed and without knowing I took a nap. and I dream about this. Here we gooooo.


I want to urinate badly so I told my Older brother to take me to the comfort room, My mom and my brother said yes, but the problem is the place we are in don't have a comfort room, so what I did is I get inside my Uncle's car and I drive and drive.

And then, I don't know but I just running and I didn't even remember getting out of the car and parked it! And then, I borrowed a motorcycle from a guy in our town and while I was riding on it, there's a doughnut in front of me and then I entered a mini street hoping that's the way to our home but then...

I saw this House, it's a square type and I think it's 3-story house?  and without knowing, my classmate way back in elementary lives there! I don't wanna mention her name tho just for private matter. My classmate was not very smart but she's not taking her education srsly so that's why she had a baby (In my dream, I don't know if she had a baby now but it's true, she don't take her education srsly.) And then, I went to their roof and I get like 3 pink boxes and I put it in the ground. and there's this guy, I believe this is my classmate's father, He's been talking badly! and saying such bad words like he said my classmate killed her own baby, she didn't give a damn thing about her education and everything,

then, when I came down from the roof, I saw this kinda like a head? and It was covered with hair so I thought that was the head of my classmate's baby. (It's in the ground!)

And my classmate was doing something, I think she's also mad listening to her father I guess, and When I look at what she's doing, She kinda like splashing water into a tower with some blood in it.

Then, I get the "head of her child" and I was surprise by it because I thought It was a real child but then It was a doll! Then I asked my classmate if she could give me the directions to go to the city because I didn't know where to go. 

and suddenly, I woke up and yeah, that's my dream. I don't know why my dream is made up of that but anyways, that's my dream.

Hope you enjoy reading. xx


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