Why I enjoyed reading

April 01, 2016

When I was younger I thought...my daddy cried, Jk. lol
When I was young I would never hold a book and read it for hours. I was the one who is very into illustrational books or tv shows. (I owe Dora the Explorer bc she lights up my childhood haha)
I never expected that I will be a bookworm! I really didn't! I was also surprised because I am not the bookwormy type, but I love to collect magazines.
The reason why I enjoyed reading is I was able to imagine alot, daydream alot (well, that's the same lol) and have my own thoughts, and being happy even if I don't go to clubs or whatsoever.

**I wrote this blogpost 5 months ago on wordpress.com but sadly, I can't manage two blog accounts so I decided to move my blog posts on wordpress to Blogger (which is this one) but however, my original blogposts on my wordpress account is still available and you can read it there. But I am no longer using my account on wordpress.

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