Out of Town: Tabuelan Cebu,

December 16, 2015

Out of Town: Tabuelan Cebu, PH
Date: December 13, 2015

Christmas is coming! But for me, it seems to be Summer is coming! LOL. Last Sunday, me and my family went to Tabuelan Cebu to play with the beach. I wasn't really looking forward to take a bath at the beach but I am looking forward to take pictures and blog it right away! 

The weather is looking and feeling good, a perfect time to play at the beach, not that windy nor sunny. Just moderate. 

The Beach Resort we checked in is called Durhan Beach Resort. Located at Tabuelan (ofcourse lol). Cebu. Not really that Far from Downtown. It takes 3-4 hours to get there from downtown. It may be too far for you but trust me, you'll enjoy it!

Here are some of my pictures while I was still in that Paradise.

The good 'ol Sea Shore. Still Looking good!
Oh, just a picture of my back taken by my wonderful Dad, LOL. If you are wondering, My Long Sleeve Shirt is from American Apparel and Jean Shorts from Arizona Jeans Co.

A dog! The only living creature in the planet that loves you more than he/her loves him/herself. That is a Fact everyone!
Chillin' like a boss.
White Sand xx White Feet haha
Sand in my Hand :D
Did I just informed you that I met a couple days ago the most happiest person on earth? LOL. Say Hi to Patrick Star!
I SHELL return to this place. No doubt about it!
Showing off my legs and my bag hahahaha This picture was taken Inside my trusty 'ol tent.
A wanderer always end his/her adventure with great photos and memories. Afternoon Blues on the Classic seaside on my way home!

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