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January 02, 2016

Happy New Year!
Sorry I was not able to post lately, :/ but to make it up, I just designed some wallpapers! 
If you don't know, I read...alot! I also have a bookstagram! (I will have the link at the end of this blog post!) I went to google images and saw these amazing pictures and I tell myself, why not edit them?! and the rest is history. Lol
Here are the finished product! You cn save them if you want and use it as a wallpaper for your phone, etc. But you can also use this for bookmarks, or decoration, etc. just don't limit your imagination and creativity!
So, here are they! Wanna take a look? (:

Year 2016 (1)

Year 2016 (2)
Year 2016 (3)
Year 2016 (3)

My TBR 1
My TBR 2

My TBR 3

My TBR 4

My TBR 5

Read. (The very first wallpaper I designed for my phone, but it turns out, I'm sharing it with you!)
Perfect Day
Stol thinking with your own thoughts, instead, Start blogging right away!

Soooo, those are all of my designs, I hope you like them as much as I do! If you happen to love my designs and use it as a Wallpaper or etc. pleaseeee do take a picture and upload it on instagram or twitter. My Social Media Links would be down below :) 
Have a Great Day Ahead!


REMINDER!: I do not own the drawings. I just googled them and experiment with it. Credits to the owner of the drawing, you've done a pretty good job! (But I am the one who designs and edit the wallpapers you see earlier)

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