Star Wars: The Force Awakens

January 23, 2016

So hello everyone! I know The Starwars "Fever" is already gone but hey, I haven't post a blog about it yet! Soooo here it is! I know it really takes a long time to post this but hey! still thank me for posting this Lol!

I watched Starwars with my family last year, December 21,2015. 

I'm not an avid fan of Star Wars tho, (Fun Fact: The Force Awakens is the first Starwars Movie I ever watched! LOL) but, I still enjoy it and guess what? I love it! My brother is currently downloading the previous Starwars Movies for me to watch (: 

I know the background of the story tho, (My dad wathe true fan!) I know Princess Leia, Luke, Hansolo, R2D2, Darth Vader etc.

I love the new characters! Like Rey and BB8! They are sooooooo adorable! I wanna go to their Planet someday that would be awsome :D


Here's a picture of me when we watched the film, Take a look at my Shirt. Bacon Warsssss! Isn't that soo cute?! I thought that was the awsome shirt I'll wear to the cinema because it also screams Star Wars---I mean, Bacon Wars :D

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