July 16, 2016

In this blogpost, I'm going to talk about the recent beauty products that I've got, which I also featured in my last recent blogpost, and I'm also gonna be doing a first impressions on these products.

AVON ideal control pressed powder in medium

I just got this product today and I also tried it today and it was stunning! I was really amazed by the packaging itself because most of the AVON products are just sealed with plastic but this comes in a box! Hahaha! Also, I got it in a very very affordable price because when I looked at the brochure, it was idk what % but it was less something% off.
The coverage itself is amazing! It keeps your face matte all day!

SIMPLY PRETTY by AVON Perfect & Hide Concealer Stick in beige

This product is still by AVON but this is their range which is designed for teens I guess and it was way alot more cheaper.
I've been wanting a concealer for weeks atm because the concealer that I use through out the summer is already gone so I need to purchase another concealer because concealer is one of my beauty-must haves.
This concealer is good, it gives you a light-to-medium coverage means it's not full coverage but it's fine for since I'm just a teen and I don't really need to hide my imperfections. I also love it because it's in the stick form, therefore it's easier to apply but still, I want to buy the liquid form, like those concealer packaging that looked like lip glosses or liquid lipstick? idk why but yep.I'm buying those kind of stuff probably next couple of months. 

SIMPLY PRETTY by AVON Lovestruck ColorBliss Lipstick in Pink Passion
This lipstick is amazing but I use it like a tint(?) I don't apply lipstick on my outer lips instead, I apply it on to the inner side (You get what I mean?) Color is amazing and very pigmented and easy to apply plus, cute packaging!

 NICKA K newyork DEFINE & LENGTHEN waterproof mascara in Black
I haven't heard about this brand before but the product is amazing! The product is very cheap and very good! They also had a huge range of mascaras, they have like volume, etc.etc and it's in the different color! (What I mean is the packaging) So lovely however, I don't feel like it's meant for everyday use because I really don't like waterproof mascaras that much because it's very hard to take it off but despite of that, the product is very good.

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