October 24, 2016

If you follow me on instagram, you would notice some of the pictures in this blog. Actually, the snaps that you just saw were taken awhile back in August I think? I just posted it now because I don't have any idea what to post to my blog and thankfully I have these pictures (literally I have so many photography pictures on my vsco studio). I want to maintain my weekly blogposts for you guys to enjoy and you'll have a blogpost to read every week. It's the 2nd day of our semestral break and they are so many homeworks our teacher gave us (it's really not that alot but we are going to memorize a poen that is like a book and recite it on november 3rd. like srsly?!)

I love the seaside so much! it brings me so much memories just by looking at it. I was so lucky enough to capture this piece of artwork made by God. It's something I should be proud of. The sound of the waves is so realxing. I can even sit there all day enjoying the sea breeze.

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