my blog turns 1 // official logo

October 31, 2016

October 31, 2015. The day I wrote my first ever blogpost which is 3 reasons why you must love sperry top-sider. 
My blog that time is still not accesable for some reason because you know, I am still new to the field.

I was very shocked at the same time very excited to experience my first ever blog-versary! It's so amazing to think that I've been writing on my blog for a year now!
Because of that, I throw a little "party" just to take some photographs and enjoy my mini achievement. There's nothing special about it, I just bought a mini cake bar on my local sari-sari store and a junk food. (I don't have budget kasi lol) I did that mini party of mine last october 26 because as you all know, Oct 31st, it's probably the time we go and visit our loved ones who already departed and you know, it's one of the busy days of the year and I still have a desiderata to memorize because we will be reciting it once our classes will resume and I've only memorized a half of it and my time is running but even if that's the case, I still want to thankyou guys for reading my blogposts (If there's any. lol)

Srsly, even if I still don't have blog followers nor comments, I am still thankful to you guys who reads my blogposts even if some of them are a little bit lame. I am still hoping that someday, I will gain followers and have comments, (hopefully!!)People around me pretty much doesn't know I have a blog (bc I'm shy to tell them lol and also, I am afraid they much judge me because I'm doing this) so this is something you and me must treasure hahahahaha! 

  • I am actually planning to put google adsense on my blog when I already gain some followers and my blog is already a little bit "known". I want to have income as early as possible so that I can but what I want to buy without begging my parent to buy it for me. And also, I can also help my family with it. But I didn't blog because for money, it's my passion alright? I just like to hit two birds in one stone. :)
  • BLOGPOST SERIES. I always want to have some series on my blog which I'm gonna review some certain products or teach you guys something you might need to know, Actually, I'm thinking of having a series about how I edit my pictures using VSCO Cam and Picsart. That will be up soon so I hope you guys are excited about it!
  • PUTTING EVERYTHING IN A CONTAINER. I have so many blogspots if you don't know. I have a separate blog for my love for books and my love for kpop/kdramas/asian entertainment. I want to put compress them all here on my blog but sometimes I feel like I want to have a separate blog but it's really hard to maintain!!!! So I might put everything here on my blog.
  • HAVE A GIVEAWAY. Probably when my blog turns 2? haha! I will be announcing it on my blog soon.! (hopefully!)

I've been changing my blog logo recently and I decided to stick to this one! I hope it's gonna be then final logo for me! (let's pray!) So here's my official logos.

Again, let's celebrate because my blog turns 1! I am so beyond happy for writing for my blog. Without you, I may not update my blog. I love you 'til the aliens return!


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