July Favorites.

July 30, 2017

Hello friends! I know it’s been a while since I posted on this blog, for those who are patiently waiting for an update (I bet there’s no one lol) thank you for sticking around! But today, I am going to go through my july favs. And let’s hop right in!

Avon naturals 3 in 1 Hydro Spray in rose is a new product Avon launched back in mid june.  What’s the best is it’s 3 in 1, it can be used for the body, hair and face. I most likely to use this spray before putting make-up on and let it set for two minutes. However, since I have an oily skin, I don’t use it often especially on days that the weather is too hot. But I use this more often to my hair, whenever it gets very frizzy and tangled, I will spray a good amount to my hair and you can instantly see the difference! It is such a great product to be raved for a very cheap price.

Simply Pretty by Avon Perfect & Hide Concealer Stick in beige If you are quite an OG reader of this blog, remember my post around this time of the year with the title mini beauty haul and the other one is the first impressions? (Click this to see what I am rambling about) Well, this is the product I am about to rave for the nth time around. I know this has appeared a ton in my make-up inspired looks and this is by far one of the best concealers out there. It is very light weight, cheap, and it gives me a little bit of coverage, and lightens my undereyes a little bit. I you love full coverage concealers then you wouldn’t love this one but since I try to do my makeup as light as it can be, this concealer does it job. 

Tresemme Platinum Strength Conditioner Bang! My mom got this conditioner by Tresemme for around 300+ for two, tried it and it was amazing like legit, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I am still not sure if you guys can avail the promo because I believe the promo is available while stocks lasts but whatever, this conditioner makes me don’t wanna tie my hair up the whole day despite of living in a very very hot country, and smells refreshing but I don’t like the packaging, it’s very hard to squeeze but it is a great product afterall.

Hair Clip This hair clip in an alligator form makes my day! Since I do have a fringe, my forehead is surrounded by mini acne and I am so upset about. To make my forehead breathe for the time being, I use this hairclip to place my fringe on the side, and it makes it a lot better.

Korean Noodles. If you didn’t know me or doesn’t even notice, I love kdramas and kpop and anime and Taiwanese and Japanese dramas and kawaii culture and Korean street fashion and Chinese culture and okay enough. I am sooooo obsessed about the K-Culture to the point I love eating Korean noodles as well. I recently tried this one here (pic below, sorry for the very tacking photo btw) it is a Jin Ramen (Mild) and bought it at South Town Center, I never thought I would really like this one because I only bought it because I wanted to try another variety of Korean noodles and I am so blessed this was so good! Also, I recommend Kimchi Noddles because it is also the bomb!

For fashion, I have two clothing items and they are both thirfted and both of them were in my blogpost last may.
The first item is this pair of shorts. Not gonna lie, at first I was so insecure if my buttcheeks are going to be exposed but as the day goes by, I realized my buttcheeks were never been exposed even if I am wearing these shorts. Super comfy, blue denim, and it goes with everything!

This one is a very very big pyjama top and I love with during the colder nights, it is very comfy, and it is also super stylish. I also like it because it is very big, therefore I feel like I am not suffocated layering clothing pieces at midnight.

Midnight blue Suede Baseball Cap by Absent. I know, my last favourites blogpost was also featuring a Baseball Cap but I am thankful to the lord that my aunt gave me this Midnight Blue Baseball Cap (in Suede!!!!). It became my go-to cap at the moment because it is very light and it I like it cause it is adjustable compared to the pink baseball cap but flexfit that is not adjustable at all.

A Mason Jar. I owned this thing for awhile now but I recently re-discovered what’s its use. I like it because I can fill it up with water, bring it to my room, and sip sip sip! That way, by doing something (and by doing something means at the bed watching videos) I am still hydrated. Plus, your water will not be contaminated with any dust particles because of the cute lid and for easy sipping, I also use colored straws, not only they look so cute but so convenient.

EXO – The War Album
Literally all of the songs from this album is my current jam but if I were to pick my top favs, here they are:
1. Forever
2. KoKoBop
3. The Eve
4. What U Do?
5. Diamond

Good Morning - Kassy

Ambiguous - BTOB

As If It's Your Last - BLACKPINK

Your Vibes - Where Am I

Youtubers of the month:
Boiiiii, I am about to be a Broooooo!! I discovered PewDiePie through a friend in the year 2015 and I started watching his videos whenever Marzia is featured but this month, it changed. I started watching his gaming videos and I am inloveeeeeee!!! Especially the Player Unknown Battlegrounds episodes, it is perfection!!!

Angela Morales
She’s a local youtuber and we go to the same school when she was in highschool, (now, she’s in college, me in senior high) I have been patiently waiting for Ate Angela to upload another video every week for the past two months. Her editing skills is so on point and I love her so much. You should go and check out her channel J

Drama of the month:
OMG THE FEELS T^T, I didn’t sleep after it was completed (kidding, slept at 5 am even if I have class that day lol) because I don’t to be spoiled just by looking at my social media accounts, It was so worth it! Fight for my way deserves my eyebags L I am not watching any drama at the moment because it is so hard to move on believe it or not, I tried watching Missing Nine but I miss fight for my way hahahaha. Big hands to Choi Ae Ra and Go Dong Man for making july memorable. I will never forget those sleepless nights and tears. Patiently waiting for season 2. 

Movie of the month:
Orange (Live Action)
Girl. Are you kidding me? IT’S YAMAKEN HOW CANNOT BE THE MOVIE OF THE MONTH? This was aired around 2015 but since I just discovered how gorgeous yamaken last April, I just watched this film this month, plus I watched the Anime Version first around early 2017. I liked the live action because the important events in the anime ver. were also in the live action. Highly recommend to watch the anime first rather than watching the live action first because it might lead to confusion. J

That's all for my favs this July! See you next time, friends!

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