June Favourites

July 01, 2017

Today, I’m going to show you some of the items that I have been using this month.

Penshoppe’s Must be love, body spray deserves the first place to talk about throughout this whole blogpost, has a settle scent which I love the most, plus it stays for hours on your shirt! I also love the how feminine the product looks but in an elegant way.

St. Ives Nourish and Soothe Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash is by far, the best product I tried from St. Ives (except the Apricot Scrub tho). It has that mild soft scent that will remind you of the best Sunday mornings of your life. And it does moisturise your skin!

Biosilk Silk 17 Miracle Leave In Conditioner was my lifesaver for this month, I chopped my hair last last month resulting to me having fringe. This leave in conditioner did its job to place my fringe perfectly. I did encounter some troubles using the l’oreal one because that was meant for the whole hair, not for fringes. But this product, I can do both of them. I does have an awful smell but the smell will disperse as the day goes by. I also like that its in a spray form because it makes it more easier whenever I am in a rush.

Nike FS Lite Run 3. Recently got a pair of running shoes from nike months ago, It is meant for running but it looks good to wear it casually and that’s what I have been doing this June. Very breathable, super lightweight and fashionable.

Pink Baseball Cap by Flexfit Pink Baseball Caps are sooooo cuteeeee! This one from the Flexfit in particular. It is a little bit big on me tho but its so cute in picturessss!

Jansport Corduroy Mini Backpack I have been using this backpack for 2 weeks for classes (I wish I can still use it up to this day but books T^T) This mini backpack was under in my care for about 3 or 4 years now but it is still the same. If you want to invest on mini backpacks, I suggest buy one from Jansport or some other brands that are known for their high quality products because it will last longer than you imagine it would.

Songs of the month:
Always - Nuiance ft. Summer Soul

Alone - i.No ft. EXN

But She - NEAL

Don't Wanna Cry - SEVENTEEN

Take Me - MISO

Pizza - Oohyo

Drama of the Month:
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
I know this drama was completed around april but I didn’t get the chance to watch it while it was airing, after watching The Liar and His Lover, I watched SWDBS. I must say, this drama deserves to be raved and loved by everybody. The storyline is very unique and super fun to watch. I also like Bong Soon’s eyes. It really reminds me of walnuts!!! Hahahahahaha and Ahn Min Hyuk and In Gok Doo is heatueeeeeee!!! If you haven’t watched this piece of happiness, then you should watch it as in now!!

That's about it for my favorites this June, 'til next time, friends!

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