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November 01, 2016

Happy November 1st! / Happy All Saint's Day! October finally disappeared so it's time to do an October Favorites! I was kind of hesitant to do this because I don't really but alot of stuff or try new skin/beauty care every month because I'm still poor and I don't like to shop every week. Sounds very weird but yes.But I still decided to do it anyways, In this blogpost, I'm showing you some products that made october memorable to me. So with that being said, let's get started with the favorites!

  • TAWAS.( Alum ) I give myself a break from using deodorants because it makes my armpits dark. (not really but still). My mom told me not to use deodorants in stick form (like the one from Dove which is my favvv) because it's the cause why I have dark (not really just a little bit) armpits so I opted for Tawas since it's very cheap and it doesn't have any scent. However, it doesn't give you an all day protection and it's very hassle to apply especially when you are in a rush but it's a good product overall.
  • MODESS DRY MAX SANITARY NAPKINS. We all know girls, monthly periods. I've already heard about this sanitary napkin before when I was in my sophomore year in jhs, (junior high school) and I did try this sanitary napkin that time. I really didn't like it that much that time but this time it's different! Hahahaha! Well, this was the case; My monthly period came a little bit out of the blue (lol I really wasn't expecting!) and it's our intramurals, so as expected many presentations and fun so I really need to use a sanitary napkin that will keep me dry down there. I don't use dry max whenever I have my monthly periods, I only use a sanitary napkin from the brand Those Days. It's really not a known brand for sanitary napkins here in the ph I think because it's one of the brands people doesn't a fck of. lol. It's very cheap actually. 13php for 8 sanitary napkins? why not? plus, it works good. okay going back to the Dry Max. I like it because when I use it it really didn't felt that I am bleeding (omg it's so groooooossssss hahahaha) because I keeps me dry. I don't use my regular sanitary napkin since it's cotton and I will feel the wetness / bleeding down there. Modess Dry Max does it's job very good.
  • LOVE SPELL HYDRATING BODY LOTION (VS). I got this lotion as a gift last year, (it also has a shower gel) but I don't really use it most of the time since I have a big jumbo size of my all time favorite lotion. I only use it when we are going to travel or having a roadtrip / camping because it's size is very travel friendly. But lately I've been wanting it so badly. The smell is so addicting! and it really  gives moisture to your skin!
  • SIMPLY PRETTY - AVON SWEET & SASSY SHINE NO MORE PRESSED POWDER SPF14. I was really surprised thinking about what products I've been using lately because I've been using this powder from Simply Pretty by Avon! The powder is one of the permanent range / products of simply pretty but I got mine in the Sweet & Sassy Collection it's in Soft Bisque. I only bought this because I've been wanting to buy a powder at that moment because I might ran out of my powder that I'm currently using, but this powder is really something! I use it when I will go to somewhere but I don't need a full coverage of powder. This powder is very light weight and has a great coverage aswell. Plus it's cheap.
  • AVON NATURALS ALOE VERA HYDRATION MASK. I already did a review about this puppy and I can really see some differences when I skip a week not using this. I'm having like an emergency breakout or something. LOL

  • WHITE SHOES. I have my pair of keds shoes in white for a very very long time now and I've been starting to use it day by day in the month of october. cause I want to give myself a break wearing my classic black vans. It's very comfy and it goes very well pretty much at any outfit.
  • SOCKS. My socks are from Sanrio but just plain printed socks. I've been rocking it since the day I got it! (Well, tobehonest, I got those socks couple years ago but I didn't really appreciate them back then lol) It makes you very comfy and adds a pop of color to your ootd's
  • NINTENDO 3DS. I have my ds (well, it's really not mine, it's my brother's but he doesn't plays with it anymore and my DSi is already dead lmao no. It's like my DSi is already been used up kind of) I've been reaching it for the nth time.
  • CANDIES. Believe it or not the Tic Tac you see in the pictures has some mints on it! You just can't see them haha! I really really knocked out our candies at home last month and I really find tic tac very nice. It helps me focus when I'm reading a book or doing something.
  • GEL PENS.Probably, this is my most favorite thing and most used thing in the whole favorites idk. but these gel pens are so INCREDIBLE! I believe you can't find them at department stores which is kind of sad but it's so good! It's obviously a chinese-product because my aunt went to Carbon/Colon(a place in cebu where you can buy items in a very cheap price and most of them made in china) and it's very cheap! 5pesos each! I really wasn't expecting alot from these pens because ofcourse, they are made in china but they really do have a great pay off! 

That's all for my favorites! I will be doing an October Highlights which I will be talking about the things / experiences / movies / songs that made my october really memorable. It's kinda like a favorites but it's not. lol. I decided to separate it because this blogpost is very very real long. 


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