last day of the unproductive sembreak

November 02, 2016

I can't believe our semestral break isalready over! I didn't do anything productive! Kidding! I did something productive! It was Watching Kdramas, Playing my 3ds, watching anime etc. etc. 
Today's the last day of our semestral break. few hours left I'm going back to reality. I want to write a blogpost for this very "special" day haha! I'm just going to tell about what I did/do on the last day of our semestral break. (these are just some of the highlights)
This morning & afternoon, all I do was took a bath, watch a video made by sofie (she's the milk club on youtube, go check her out! her is aesthetic is very pleasing!) and a video made by Zoe (Zoella) and Joe, (ThatcherJoe) The pictures you are about to see are the things I did during the early night (does that make sense? What I meant was I do that things around 5-6 pm )

I watched Kimi Ni Todoke. It's an anime and I am still on episode 6. I also played my Nintendo 3DS which I'm very very addicted since day 1!

Played Pou. I don't you about guys but I always loved Pou eversince 2012. It's very fun to play and not gonna lie, it's somewhat stressful sometimes.

Took Pictures for my upcoming blogposts! They are blurred because you know, I can't tell you about it yet because it's going to be my next blogposts! Stay tuned for that!

Watched Shopping King Louie. (ep 10)

Organized my backpack. This is a must because classes resumes tomorrow and I don't wanna get scolded by my mom 6am in the morning. hahahaha!

Memorized my Desiderata! God, I still can't believe it! Although not gonna lie,some lines I do forget but hey, please. Just believe me I already memorized it! Despite of busy doing blogposts, family bondings, watching dramas, I really did it!

I made an Instagram account for my blog & blog-gish thingy posts! hahaha. Basically it's my account where I talk about my blog and updating you guys if I posted something on my blog recently. I still don't have any followers so kindly follow me if you have an ig account! As I've said on my previous blogpost, not all of my friends or people around me knows that I blog. So I decided to make a separate IG Account for it. If you want to check my ig account, click here .

Basically, that's what I did on my last day of my sembreak. is it safe to say that it's a PRODUCTIVE sembreak? I mean I did memorized my desiderata right? hahahaha! Lol @ me. I hoped you enjoyed reading this post and I know it's a bit random right?

I love you 'til the aliens return! 


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