April 14, 2017

Here’s another make-up look that I came up with the other day. There’s no such difference on my usual looks. Haha. But still, I wanna share this look to you guys since I thought it might be helpful.

Y’all know that it’s freakin’ hot here in the Philippines since it’s already the Summer Season. I came up with this look and it turned out to be great for this time of the year.

To start off, apply moisturizer to your face. I skipped this step even if it’s very necessary especially this season. I don’t have any moisturizer at the moment because I’m still looking what’s really the best for me. So skipping the moisturizing step, I then go and applied concealer. 

I am a huge fan of the baking technique. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically applying loose powder on your face and let it set for 5 or more mins.

I always use this technique under my eyes because it helps my under eyes look matte all day whatever the concealer I am wearing. For the baking technique, I use a very standard Baby Loose Powder. I still haven’t invest on buying a loose powder intended for this baking technique since a Baby Powder really works fine for me.

It’s time to apply color to my cheeks! This blush isn’t the most appropriate for this season since it’s very sunny while this blush is kinda like darkish-pink color which I think it suits very well during the colder months of the year, however, it look good for me. LOL

Time to set my face with a powder! The one that I have is very high coverage even you only put just a little amount of it!

I then apply this Illuminator Loose Powder. This serves as my highlight. I like this because it’s really natural looking and very blendable.

 Applying mascara is the next step! The one that I used is waterproof since it’s summer and we will be sweating and you don’t want your mascara to do something funny on a hot summer day.

The last step is obviously, the lips! I combined 2 lip color to get this look. The first one that I put on is this darkish-nude-ish pink one and added some bright fuchsia pink on the inside of my lips. (not in my mouth tho, in my lips. Gahhhh bad at explaining.) To get this gradient effect. It looks red on the camera because of the lightning. Haha.

all the love,

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