April 05, 2017

Last week, I was able to stumble across the Watsons Store, they were having a massive sale on bath products. This set caught my attention in particular. This set is from the brand, The Skin Collective: Fruit Spa. I got it for only 75php since it's 50% off. I also choose to purchase this set since it's already summer and I think lemon is one of the summer staple fruits.
This set comes with a Moisturizing Lemon Body Lotion; 150ml ; Moisturizing Lemon Shower Gel;150ml ; Body Scrub;50g.
(Keep in mind that this comes with a box but I already threw it away because the product wouldn't fit in my backpack.)

Moisturizing Lemon Body Lotion;150mL. 
Description: Moisturize your skin and feel the added energy of being surrounded by the sweet aroma of lemons.
First of all, I suck at products w/ a great outlook. I suck at products with cute packaging. Pretty much why I bought them as well. haha. At first, I wasn't really impressed with the body lotion. It's consistency doesn't look like a body lotion. It looks more like a toothpaste. But when I started using it day by day, I noticed that my hands can quickly absorb the moisture coming from the lotion, and I am impressed. If I were to rate this product, it would be 7/10. 

Moisturizing Lemon Shower Gel;150mL.
Description: Surround yourself with the sparkling scent of lemons while keeping your skin clean and moisturized.
This is the only why I bought the set. I have this weird obsession towards Shower Gels/Body Washes. Luckily enough, this product didn't failed to reach my expectations. It smells lemon-ny, you don't need that much product to make it bubble, damn, I have no words left for this shower gel. It was such a great move.

Body Scrub;50g.
Even though the main reason why I bought this set is because of the Shower Gel, I couldn't lie I am very excited to try the body scrub since I haven't tried a scrub specifically for the body. However, unlike the Shower Gel, this mini tub of body scrub didn't met my expectations. I was expecting a great body scrub filled with alot of exfoliating beads. But this scrub doesn't have that much exfoliating beads, the consistency is similar to the Body Lotion but the difference the scrub has exfoliating beads. I thought that the Lotion was added some beads and viola! Body Scrub. But when I read the ingredients, there are some ingredients I only found in the Body Scrub not in the Lotion. But it did a pretty great job moisturizing my skin. Take note: MOISTURIZING not EXFOLIATING.

Overall it's not a bad purchase after all. Oh, and one more thing that I didn't like: THE PACKAGING'S PERFORMANCE. The packaging is cute but it doesn't do a pretty good job. I think they only use an average plastic for the packaging because they do leak out if ever you put them in a bad condition. But, it's a great set afterall.

all the love,

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