April 05, 2017

Sml to myself for being able to make an ootd to be posted on my blog and at the same time, having fun.

This is basically my style. An oversized top (happened to be a dress haha) tucked in, black thick leggings, a mini backpack, printed pair of socks and a pair of white shoes. 

Yesterday was our card giving for grade 10 students and also our enrolment for grade 11. I and my friend always have this annual-after-enrol-activity done. Our destination was SM Seaside since it’s only miles away from our school.

The green oversized top that I have is actually an oversized dress! Hahaha, I like how it turned out with the black thick leggings.

If you were my friend, or if you see me in real life, it’s very rare for me not to tuck my shirt or wearing very fitting clothes. For me, it makes a whole difference when you tucked in your shirt and it looks more cuter right?

Wasn’t really expecting to have this minimal vibe to the place we took these pictures. It was such a coincidence that I wore a dark green top paired with black leggings, and white shoes. So glad it turned out great.

Top – thrifted
Black thick leggings – H&M
Mini Backpack – No brand
Printed Socks – Forever 21
White Shoes – Vans
Silver Feminine Watch – Timex
Earrings – Victoria Townsend

all the love,

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