December 06, 2016

 Tis' the season to be jolly, fa la la la, la la la! Everyone loves the Holiday Season I mean, who doesn't? But as the year is going to end, the season started to change, Rain always occur. In this blogpost, I'm going to tell you what's my Winter Beauty Essentials! I'm also gonna do a Winter Clothing Essentials so you must stay tuned for that!

LOTION. Scented or not, I badly need a lotion for this time of the year! Because I'm a little girl who likes to be festive in some ways, I use my Bath & Body Works lotion in the scent, Festive Vanilla Fig. This scent is no longer available and I'm so sorry for that ✌ but there are still alot of holiday scents that Bath and Body Works carry so don't be sad you silly! 

PETROLEUM JELLY . THIS IS LYF! I'm that person who wants to have a product that you can use it in many ways. I love carrying Petroleum Jelly because you can use it as a lip balm, Moisturizer, Soothes minor burns and many more benefits you can get. A little goes a long way with this product to! I like to put a generous amount of petroleum jelly on my chapped lips before going to bed.

WET WIPES I bet you don't know but I use so many products this time of year. I tend to wear alot of make-up because you know. I like to be festive. Before washing my face, I like to wipe off my make-up (I don't do that at all, just for this time of the year) and proceed to cleansing my face. and bla bla bla. I don't buy Make-up removing wipes because I don't like it ahahahaha!

MASKS Sheet Masks, Peel-Off Masks, you name it! I love using masks all year around but during the holidays, I always go all out! I just tried using a sheet mask last Nov.26 (my birthday haha lol) and it was so daebak! I love it so much! I'll probably do a blogpost about it!

An Oil Control Pressed Powder for me is lyf. (I know I always said that) the weather gets chilly and I don't know but my skin tends to get very oily most of the time. So an Oil Control Pressed Powder is really a must for me.

MAGIC LIPSTICK. It looks orange but it's red. not really red tho but you get it? omg I bet no. hahaha. I always find using a magic lipstick is way more easier than using a lip tint. I don't know. Probably girls in my school always use lip tints and I'm sick looking at them using it. lol. This magic lipstick is very natural looking and that's what I like about it.

no filter. 

NAIL POLISHES. Now, this is not an ESSENTIAL for me (really. I don't wear nail polish because we're not allowed to wear it in school) but I have few colors that I really reminds me of the holidays.

SINFUL COLORS in Shine Annie 1617 is a very festive holiday red for me. It screams "CHRISTMAS IS COMING! FA LA LA LA LA,!!!" If you want to be very very festive, then go for this shade!

If you want to be "very festive" I have two polishes for you. A classic black nail polish and a Skin toned one. Skin Toned and black polishes can go with any outfit you wear this holiday season!
KLIK Nail Lacquer in Super Black
La Belle Nail Polish in Touch of Tan

This looks like black but it has a plum-y color into it and it reminds me of a wine.
KLIK Nail Lacquer in Black Velvet

all the love,

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