December 03, 2016

This is my first blogpost for this month! and I'm so excited for this time of the year! Yesterday, We went to Forever 21 to buy some goodies. TRUST ME! I didn't went all out I promise! So here's my mini haul!

I was really going for a really really cute sweater but when I saw this, my mind totally changed! The style of it is very simple and just by looking at it, I know I'm gonna use it alot for this time of the year. They also carry the same design but the color is Forest Green. It's so cute but I choose the Red/Maroon one because y'all know, I wanna be festive.

PRINTED SOCKS (21-25 cm)
I saw this and I was really really happy (It's true guys I'm not even kidding) There are so manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy printed socks and I managed to pick the ones  I really love the most! I got the Koala and a Blue and White stripes w/ pink detailing. I'm going back to F21 next Saturday because of these. hahhahaahah! I was really not expecting that F21 sells these printed socks like I'm so blessed because I've been wanting to buy some printed socks but not in online stores so I was so happy! F21, you did a great job!

GOLD RINGS - SET. There are 6 chevron styled rings and 4 plain ones. I love it because you can stack them or just wear them alone. Plus it's very affordable.

HAIR GOODS/PONYTAIL/MULTI COLOR. I got this set because I was in a rush to pick because we need to go home already because my brother's waiting because he didn't go with us because of his 7:30 class, and we need to eat together and it's already so I grab this set of hairties and I really don't know if I'm gonna use them because it's so cute! From dark to pastel pink? omggggg. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my blogpost for today!

all the love,

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