December 31, 2016

GAAAAAAH! It's the last day of the year 2016! Many things happened to me this year, experiencing alot of new things, discovered cool things and many more. 

Here are some of the things I managed to do this year:
- Watched alot of kdramas. I barely watch kdramas the past few years because I don't have the time to watch them and my friends doesn't watch kdramas so you can say that I am just depending on myself haha. But this year, 25% in our class watches kdrama and loves kpop, I am very happy becuase I am now very updated and we can share our feelings for that star, or drama so it was a nice experience.

-I started watching Anime this year, to be honest with you, while I am typing this, I am currently downloading an episode of the anime that I am about to watch. I'm not an otaku but I think I will be one soon. haha

-Did alot of things in my own.

-Experienced my first ever blog-versary! 

-Gave my family some Christmas presents because I wanna thank them for making me feel loved even if I'm not the perfect daughter/sibling for them. To be honest it was quite stressful because I'm on a budget that time because I didn't saved up that much but it was worth it when I saw the smile on their faces.

There are so many things I was so happy I did those this year but it would take me a lifetime if I'm gonna recall them haha. I was very happy that I made a decision a year ago to launch my first ever lifestyle blog, even if I don't have that much readers, I still want to THANKYOU, yes, you. For reading my blog or if you happened to saw this post of mine and clicked, then thankyou!

I cannot wait to spend 2017 with you guys, To be honest I have alot of blogposts planned but I cannot make them unless I have money and y'all know, I am very very broke atm because I spend all of my christmas money to buy some socks. hahahaha kidding. 

But srsly guys, thankyou so much for making 2016 very fun, sad, to me! I'm hoping that you will do the same things for 2017!

Happy New Year my readers! (if there's any haha!)

all the love,

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