December 17, 2016

Hello fellas! I'm back with a new blogpost for you! Here's my holiday gift guide for you this year. All of the items that I am about to tackle is under 200php. yes. UNDER 200PHP. so if you're still a student and still want to give something for your friends or family, but you don't have enough budget, then I hope this blogpost will help you :) So, without further a do, let's start shopping!

The first item is a necklace from Forever 21. I'm going to give this to my mom because she loves necklaces and I think it suits her. You can also give this to your bestfriend and you can buy one for you self and voila! Twinning with bestie!
Price: 160php but when I went to the cashier, I found out that it was on sale! I got it for only 79php! it was a great deal! (Foever 21)

This 3-pc.-Bobbie Pin w/ Leaf design is also from F21. I'm going to give this to my bestfriend because she pays alot of attention to her hair and hello, this stuff is freakin cute! I want to have it for myself too hehe. It's silver with a cooper-like, gold-dy undertone in it which makes even more cute and elegant looking.
Price: 105php very decent price for a great quality hair accessory right? (Forever 21)

A bench and bath towel is very suitable for my elder brother. He likes BnB so much so I got him one in the color navy blue, I personally don't like using it because it's not pocket-friendly for me and I don't like bulky towels. But it's does a great job absorbing sweat! Plus, they have a wide selection of colors!
price: 79php each (Bench/)

I am kindof a sock freak because I love socccccccks so much esp. printed ones! So I got my younger brother a pair of socks and they have a batman logo kindof design on it. I know he will get alot of use on this plus, it's cheap! lol
price: 69.75 (SM Department Store)

I didn't purchase this but I still want to include it. Probably some of you already saw this (my blogost titled Forever 21 mini haul) It's a hair tie set for Forever 21 (yes. most of the items I just talked about is from Forever 21 lol. not sponsored!) 25 Hair ties in all, (5 black, 4 dark brown, 4 nude pink, 4 silky cream color, 4 matte cream, and 4 silky white) You can give this as giveaways or stocking fillers or giving it to someone you want to say thankyou ☺
price: 65php (Forever 21)

Last but not the least, A magazine for my dad! This is a National Geographic Back Issue Magazine. I got this from BookSale. Booksale is a store where you can buy second hand books, back issues, and many more about literature. There is a wide selection of back issues/ second hand magazines there there's no permanent price because the price will depend on the issue or topic I got this magazine for 143php which is a pretty good deal.

Total Money Spent: 475.75php! (excluding the hair tie set) I hope I give you some gift ideas! Thankyou for sticking around!

all the love,

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