May Favourites.

May 25, 2017

May is about to end so it is time to do another favourites! I have a good amount of products to show you so leggo!.

Starting with the beauty faves, I’ve been loving this red lipstick from L’ORÉAL in 403 Eva’s Red from the collection Colour Riche, first I love how simple and elegant the packaging  is. So sleek and sophisticated. I has that matte finish but so moisturizing on your lips. The only problem is it’s very easy to transfer on your mug or cutlery. However, I love this lipstick and a little goes a long way with this one, I you happened to see this lipstick, you should probably take a swatch.

Careline Pimple Concealer. Many Filipina beauty gurus on youtube doesn’t like this product because it doesn’t conceal any spots or blemishes. However, I like this product wait, no. I LOVE this product. Although it does have an awful smell but it is not that bad, I like it although it is a fact that it doesn’t conceal any dark spots, it does a great job making my eyes awake and it also covers my redness. Plus, its cheap so you should go and check it out.

La Belle Nail Polish in Cherry Pink. And Sassy Nail Polish in Blu Hawai. Is by far the best nail polish combination ever. I didn’t mean I mixed them up or whatever though.  I love them having on my nails since it reminded me of summer and easter.

L’OREAL Smooth Intense Straight Perfecting Balm Been using this product for a year now and surprisingly, I have been reaching this guy alot this month. I like it because a little goes a long way yes. Imma all about that lol  does make my hair smooth and smells lovely plus, its packaging is legit. Metallic Rose Gold I mean, who doesn’t love that color? And the actual product is actually rose gold! Not in a metallic way though. If you get what I mean.

Avon Naturals Sheet Masks I love their sheet masks ever since I tried them, but a variety caught my attention. The Pomegranate one. Not in the picture cause I already used it. So gentle on your skin and my skin is so smooth when I took the sheet off. It also smells really good so you should give it a go ^^

My Nintendo 3ds technically, my brother’s but oh well he rarely uses it  I’ve been into alot of roadtrips lately and one of my main problems is that I don’t have a powerbank so I cant charge my phone but I want to listen to some music while I am still in car, luckily, my 3ds still works and it plays music and it doesn’t drain quickly so I can play music the whole trip. Plus I can also play with it.

Vans Authentic - True White Most used item for the entire summer. I  love Vans so much plus it’s white so it goes with pretty much everything and it is so comfy and looks really nice. Taking a break from my white sneakers from Keds because that pair was tutored for a total of 6 months. Haha.

Guess Watch. I don’t know what’s the name of this watch because it was given to me by my grandma for graduation. It came in a box with 2 interchangeable straps; yellow and pink. I love it! I really do! Haha. The design is so simple and I think why I like it so much.

White Drawstring Bag. This is actually made by my mom because I want that high-looking-quality drawstring bag because drawstrings are so mainstream right now and I want something one of a kind. Luckily god gave me a gorgeous mom who can sew (ofc she can sew, she’s a daughter of a dressmaker! Hahahahaha) It can fit a quite good amount of things and it’s white.


I often forget this part of a favourites video because I am dumb as hell but I have been listening to Sekai No Owari this month! And I discovered them this month also 3 songs from them is still on repeat up to this day. Click the title for you to listen.

Drama of the month:

The Liar and His Lover (2017)

I love the story and the artists! They nailed it! I also love Joy and Hyun Woo’s chemistry, this is the South Korean Version of The Liar and His Lover which is originally a Japanese Manga and also has a Japanese-Live Action Movie (I guess? Or a drama) I love the ost like livin’ for it! Because of this drama I slept at 5 am or 6 last Friday but it was so legit I was so happy for them, although I didn’t really see alot of people rambling about this drama compared to when WFKBJ and SWDBS was airing but it is a great drama to watch.

Anime of the month:
 Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda (2016)
Omg this anime is by far one of best ones I’ve watched, very light hearted, super relatable, funny, and inspiring. Basically it’s a story about an otaku fat girl who likes Boy-Boy Love got depressed for a week without eating or going to school or something because her favourite character from an anime died and after a week of “depression” she went back to school not as the fat otaku girl but a kawaii otaku girl, Four boys in particular fell head over heels for her and see how everything goes out.

Five Centimeters Per Second. This is a Japanese film released in 2007 so it is quite old, but the story is very inspiring and it really love  the vibes watching it. The ending kinda suck but it’s not, really. You should give it a go.

Movies of the Month

Heroine Disqualified (Japanese Film, 2014)
What can I say? It’s Kento and Merei! One of my favourite Japanese Couple! I so love Merei and Kento’s characters in the movies and Merei is so kawaii I just can’t!!!!!

My Sassy Girl (Korean Film, 2001)
I laugh so hard watching this movie and Jun Ji Hyun’s hair is so on point!

Suddenly17 (Chinese Editon)
I don’t really know if it really is Chinese or Taiwanese or whatever the one thing I am sure is they speak mandarin. (or Cantonese?) This movie is so cute, the opening song is nice aswell, Saw it on youtube (the full movie) and watched it. I didn’t really dig information about it so if you know about this movie, or what’s the real version of it, then you should leave a comment ;)

Youtubers of the month

I watch youtube videos pretty much everyday but there are some channel I have  been visiting quite alot recently, so here they are.

Who doesn’t like Kenna? I love her style, her hair, her taste, everything! I love how she balances being so into vintage 60s-70s inspired looks and being an otaku. She likes anime even though I don’t watch the animes she always raves about but it’s a great sign she might be into kdrama one day, hopefully! Haha. And she’s so open-minded and she dgaf about what people says. Highly recommended her youtube channel.

She also has a great sense of fashion and she really is into hippie vintage style, she is also amazing and her videos are stunning! Very old-looking and her choice of music is really not my type yet I find it so calming. Discovered her through Marzia when Marzia and her did a clothing swap.

Are you surprised? Omg you shouldn’t. Haha. Wil and Haley are my all time favourite Filipino vloggers but I have been watching videos from Haley lately and really like it when they do weird things for #DanLey HAHAHAHAHAHA I still watch videos fromm Wil though but I have been watching Haley’s vlogs lately.

Last but centainly not the least,

First of all, he reminded me of Troye Sivan –younger and black hair version though. He is also into vintage  90s fashion and his videos are high quality and his room T^T omg I want his room! He really is a great youtuber that you should discover if you haven’t.

That’s everything for my favourites this month, hope you got some ideas what I have been loving this month!

Til next time, friends!

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