April Faves

May 02, 2017

Here are some products that really stand out for the month of April. They aren’t alot but they helped me slay April. Yes girl, I’m slayin’.

I have been using this body wash for a while now but last month, I just realized how gorgeous this product is. It really helps moisturized my skin which is a relief to me since I don’t put lotion on my body during the day because it’s very hot here in the Philippines and I don’t like that stinky feeling.

Johnson's Baby Powder Johnson’s baby powder was one of my first-ever-make-up-item. Stopped using it for a while because I have really been into pressed tinted powders lately. But this month, I started using again. I really like it using a baby powder whenever I’m baking. It gives me matte finish plus, it’s cheap and very versatile.

L´ORÉAL’s Bare Naturale all-over mineral glow in Pink Glow 426 My mom had this product for ages now and I just recently saw it on her cabinet. I took it since she doesn’t use it anyways and I was inlove with this product! I use it for highlight and I really gives me a settle shine which is soooooo me! But I am really not fan of it’s packaging because it’s too bulky thus, it’s loose. But I still love it anyways.

Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara; Estée Lauder I find this mascara very similar to Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara. I love the formula and such. Nothing left to say.

Simply Pretty by Avon Color Magic Lipstick in ML01 berry rose The other magic lipstick that I have from Avon as well was already dying. Wanted to buy the same exact shade since I love it for everyday use but they didn’t bring the shade back which is so disappointing so bought another shade but didn’t work out. Bought this one aswell and luckily, It was similar to the one I like! It’s a very settle fuchsia pink perfect for everyday use!

HYDROCORTISONE: ECZACORT This cream is only used if you have skin disorder. I have one on one of my finger but it’s not that noticeable but still, I want to make it disappear, this cream really helps alot, it’s very effective and yet it leaves your skin moisturized not dry.

Nerds This is completely random but I really love Nerds. Especially the little ones. It’s cute plus, it tastes so goooood!

That's all for my April Faves!
What's yours?

all the love,

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