Summer Make-Up Kit

May 05, 2017

I am about to share it with you what’s inside my summer make-up kit and how I use the products I’ve been using.

To start off, the pouch I’m using was a freebie when my mom bought an Eskinol about a year ago. Has a great quality knowing that they only used light materials plus, it’s cute.

01. Mirror. I don’t know where you can get this mirror that I have but it’s only a mirror. You probably already have it so why bother getting a new one? Lol. Perfect size for my pouch, and it’s durable.

02. Moisturizer. The one that I have is from iWhite Korea and it’s the Aqua Moisturizer w/ Whitening Vita. Moisturizing your face can change a whole difference before wearing cosmetics (well, In my preference) I suggest to have a moisturizer with you through out the summer because you never know when you will need it.

03. Eyelash Curler. I love when I have my Eyelash Curler. I always love how I look when I curl I eyelashes. So an eyelash curler is a must for me.

04. Concealer. You guys know I am not a huge foundation fan. Instead, I use concealer more than foundation.

05. Waterproof Mascara. Mascara is one of the make-up items I really need to have. It’s very easy to use plus, it will give you a presentable face even if you only put mascara.

06. Blush Stick. This blush stick was featured for ages here in my blog. I love it so much! Very easy to use, super blendable, gives you that natural glow that I really want, and it’s very compact and small.

07. Contour Brush. I’m fine using my blush with my fingers but sometimes I find it very unsanitary and such. So a good contour brush always comes in handy.

08. Glitter Brown Eyeshadow. You can use this product endlessly! The one I have in the picture is a roll-on one which is a huge bonus for me because I can use it as an highlight and if I like to wear an eyeshadow then, I can!  A white glitter roll-on eyeshadow is a great alternative if you want that highlighter look.

09. Lipstick. Sorry but, I just realized the lipstick wasn’t placed properly and that’s why there’s no lipstick in the picture. I prefer a magic lipstick since I really love using them I mean, who doesn’t? I get too excited to see how the color changes. Ahaha. Very handy, great pay off, worth the price.

Those are my the products I keep in my summer make-up kit!

What’s in yours? 

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