February 27, 2016

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but most of the people right now don't eat breakfast. I don't why. One oof the main reasons for not eating breakfast is running late for school or work. The second one is purely you don't like to eat breakfast.

You are used to combine your breakfast and lunch. Mostly called as BRUNCH.
In my point of view, It's not good. When you are asleep, you're doing a thing called FASTING. Which is not eating nor drinking water for hours. And To start you day off, you need alot of energy to recover from fasting.

I have here some tips to make your breakfast enjoyable and fun.


I Suggest not eating too much vegetables in the morning, or using the vegetables as you main food in the morning because vegetables are very light and you need to have alot of energy in the morning so I suggest Eggs. When I eat eggs in the morning, I can notice that I am very active and I am more productive.

If you don't like eggs then it's fine! You can get some yogurt and top it off with some fresh berries.

AND IF you really want to eat vegetables in the morning, then make a sandwich! Toast some bread and add some lettuce, ham, mayo (or your own salsa) and cheese then boom! You're starting your day right!

I am an Asian so I like to pair my eggs with rice. This really gives me the energy I needed the most.


I personally don't really like to drink coffee, instead I drink Tea with Milk. Maybe I am still very young to survive the bitterness of the coffee.

I personally like the Black Tea, but ofcourse, I also love Green Tea.

My favorite Tea Brand is Bently's and I wanna try Lipton too!

Drinking some Liquid when you are enjoying your breakfast is a great way to heat your tummy up and also it helps to regulate your tummy so that you will not be feeling some weird stuuf inside your tummy through out the day.


I know this is very hard not looking at your Instagram or Twitter while you are eating breakfast but don't you wanna give yourself a little time enjoying the natural resources and enjoying life without your technical devices?

I also find this hard but when you try it, you can say that it is really calm and relaxing.

You might listen a very soft music or maybe not.

When you do this, you are giving an oppurtunity to yourself to think about what you really need to think and you also have the enough time to generate or find a great solution to your problems.

If you don't have problems which is very shocking because all of us have some problems LOL. This is the perfect time to think about something new, something creative! or something you've been wanting to try etc. You can buy a notebook and list them all and you can take a look of that and mark check on the things you already did.


You don't like to eat breakfast in your dining room? You can eat your breakfast where ever you feel comfortable, you might want to eat your breakfast on your Veranda then go for it! Wanna eat your breakfast in the backyard? Why not right? Go and eat your breakfast on the place you know you are comfortable to enjoy your breakfast even more.


Since you have the enough time to think what you are gonna do the whole day, get a piece of paper and a pen and write your plans for the day. This helps you to be productive as much as possible and it keeps you busy which is also great because you are managing your time very wisely.

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