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February 09, 2016

Hello Amigo/Amiga! Here are some of my tips for studying! I hope you enjoy reading this blog and it inspires you to study more!
1. Keep In Track.
Always have a list of the subjects that you need to study and also the books you will need in studying the said subject. If you are home from school, it's better to look at your list and look for the books or your notebooks and start preparing your things for later's study time, do not go directly on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. That's a big no no.

2.No Gadgets while studying.

Some of the people might focus on studying if they are listening to music or watching tv. However on my side, I really can't concentrate. Even now, I am typing right now while listening to a music and I can tell that I am really not that focus. But for me, the best Tip when you are studying is Do not use any kind or type of gadget you have a home. Turn off your phone and set it aside, turn off your tv, etc. But if you don't like to Shut your phone off, put it somewhere you can't hear it or you can charge your phone up in your Living Room so that once you are done studying, you have 100% battery to surf on the internet! and also, keep it silent while you are studying.
3. Stay Focus.

Stay Focus on what you are studying. Even if you don't have your phone, or your iPod, Tablet, etc. nearby, if you are not determine to study then you still you can't study. We need extra effort and focus when we study. Even if we don't like it we must do it.

4. Keep Organized.

Use some planners, calendars, folders etc. to keep your paperworks or research in mint condition and organized. It's also a great way to help you to start studying when your things and reviewers are organized.

5. Go Beyond.

If there is an article in your  book that you think they don't explain it well, research it! You have you computer right? or if you don't have one, you can reseach it on your Smartphones or go to a library to read some books about that article. Do not settle what's in your textbook, because it may lack some important information. 
Also, use a bookmark when you are reading a book. So that it's easier to find the page you've been reading on.

6. Make A Summary.

If you have a very very long coverage for your test a it blows up your mind like litterally, Make A Summary of it! Get your paper and find the important words and terms and put it in the paper. It is also good to use some highlighter just to help you look the important  words and it also gives a color in your book. LOL

7. Take a Break | Eat Regularly.

I Highly prefer eating healty foods, like fruits, real meals instead of Chinese Take-out, Fast Food, Noodles, etc. It is not good for your health and it might affect your body while you are studying. Because when you are studying, you need alot of energy when you study because you may not use your body physically but you are using you body AND mind mentally.


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