Itazura na Kiss

February 21, 2016


I really really love this drama! So I wanna tell you all about Itazura na Kiss!

Itazura na Kiss was written and illustrated by Kaoru Tada. Published in the year 1990 by Shueisha through Margaret Magazine.

In 1996, Itazura na Kiss aired in Japan. The Very First Live-Drama Version.

In 2005, The Taiwanese Version of Itazura na Kiss was Aired in Taiwan. It was called It Started with a Kiss.(惡作劇之吻).It was followed by its sequel, They Kiss Again.  (惡作劇之吻)in 2007. (30 episodes in all)

Next in line was the Anime Adaption of Itazura na Kiss. In the year 2008. (25 episodes in all)

Here is the South-Korean Version! I saw this way back 2011 on our local TV Channel but I really don't have any idea that time about Itazura na Kiss! The title of this version of Itazura na Kiss is Playful Kiss (장난 키스) Aired in South Korea last 2010.

Andddddd Cheers to my favorite version! Itazura na Kiss ~ Love In Tokyo! Aired in Japan year 2013. I love lovelove this Version! (maybe because this the the only version I fully watched LOL but I started watching the anime series which is gorg! and I really can go with the flow to the story because I already watched this.)

Itazura na Kiss was a bomb! And because of that, they made a sequel with is Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Tokyo. I honestly love the season 2 of this series because I just love it and Kotoko is more mature. but she still has that bubbly attitude which is very fine for me. Aired in Japan in the Year 2014.

And for the latest updates, I just found out last year that there is another version! yasss! It is the Thai version of Itazura na Kiss and I really still don't know some informations about it because I bet it's still new, but if I will have a chance to gather some information then I will share it with you guys. Kiss Me (Thai Ver.)

And this year, Autumn 2016 (I think) Itazura na Kiss will be having the very first movie! Sadly, Miki and Yuki aren't the one who plays Kotoko and Naoki. But it's alright because it is still the story I love.

THERE Will be a Philippine Version of Itazura na Kiss! Eppppp! If you don't know, I am a Filipino and I really wanna know if who's gonna be playing the role of Kotoko and Naoki. But still, no news about it but it was annouced that there will be a Philippine Version of the way back 2011 I guess.


Itazura Na Kiss (Japanese Version 1996)

It Started With A Kiss (Taiwanese Version)

They Kiss Again (It Started With A Kiss 2 - Taiwanese Version)

Playfull Kiss (South Korean Version 2010)

Itazura Na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo (Japanese Version 2013)

Itazura Na Kiss ~ Love In Tokyo 2 (Japanese Version, Sequel to Itazura Na Kiss ~ Love In Tokyo 2014)

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