Instagram Feed On Point

February 24, 2016


The Struggle is damn real.  Keeping your Instagram Feed on point is one of the stressful things to do nowadays. Here are some tips  to make your instagram feed on point just like yourself.


1. Find an Inspiration

This helps me alot. I really love to take a look of other people's Instagram Profiles because I can see how great their feed is. If I don't know what's going on on my feed, then I will take a visit to the people who has a great and adorable feed.

Here are some of my favorites.








2. Use the same filter

I always have that friend who really wants her feed on point. My Solution is use the same filter all the time. It dosen't have to be VSCO, PICSART, ETC. but If you're using the same feed in all of your pictures, trust me, your feed is gonna be great! 


3. Camera

It is important to have a great quality of camera. If you have a smart phone then go for it! You don't to buy those expensive cameras afterall. BUT. If you want your IG Pictures in a great quality, you can invest buying a camera. I personally use ALOT of devices when capturing some of my memories, but I always use my Mobile Device to do it. Sometimes, I use my mom's phone, my tablet when I'm taking selfies, and even my DSi!.
But in all aspects, you don't have to buy those expensive cameras. If you really love photography, then the tools you already have it now is enough.


4. Brightness

Aside of cameras, Brightness is one of my problems in taking pictures. You can adjust your brightness in your settings. And Brightness can help your picture appear great. So try to take a look at your brightness and  adjust it if you want. 


5. Take Alot of Pictures

Do not settle for 1 picture if you are taking a picture of something. Always double the picture or take a picture of the same thing in a different angle. This helps you to choose the best picture you've ever captured. 


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