Top 10 Songs by Taylor Swift

February 21, 2016

 Probably, YOU know her. Who wouldn't right? She's a Super Star. Incase you didn't know she is Taylor Swift.

Here's my TOP 10 SONGS by Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is one of the singers and song writers I admired the most. She is still what she used to be. Not like other celebrities who became worst today. At first, I really don't like Taylor but then I realized, she's a masterpiece created by the Lord.

So, without further do, here is my top 10 songs by Swift.

1. You Belong With Me

I loveeeeeee this song so much. It's really a cute song and I really really love it! I also love the music video, even to this day I still watched that music video because I just simply love it.

The song itself is very cute. I love how the song was arranged and it is very on point.

2. Teardrops On My Guitar

This song is very heart breaking but still nice. I am really not into this song but there was a book I was reading and they inculde this song and that's the time I started liking this song ang playing it again and again.

3. Begin Again

This song is very calm and peaceful. I love how it was arranged and sang by Taylor. Also, it kinda breaks my heart. A little bit.

4. If This Was A Movie

One of the best songs I've heard so far. The Instrumentals were sooooooooo incredible and also the lyrics.

5. Safe and Sound

If I wanna feel like I'm alone of something, I always listen to this song. For me it's creepy but soooooo unique. I really don't know why I came up with that opinion but I am still glad about that.

6. Our Song

I always listen to this song if I miss the old Taylor. I didn't mean I hate Taylor right know but sometime I kinda want to see her country-side personality again.

7. State Of Grace

The lyrics of this song is very meaningful to me.

8. Out Of The Woods

I super duper love the intro! Soooooooo cool and wonderful. And It also reminds me of forests, and even twilight! LOL

9. Ours

This song reminds me of my past relationship but I still love this song. It reminds me about the past and that particular year. I still wanna go back to that time.

10. Speak Now

The song is very girly but still have that-country-side style.

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nadyahginice | 2016

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