Enjoy Reading: 5 Great Tips

April 01, 2016

I personally love and enjoy reading books if there's a candle around my house/room that is currently burning. Not an ordinary candle because it wouldn't give scent right? haha. So Scented Candles are the best. It makes me read more, enjoy what I'm reading.

Substitution to Tip #1:
If you are not into Scented Candles, I have another option for you to enjoy reading.
~Scented Lotions or Perfumes
Common brands: Victoria's Seceret, Bath and Body Works and Many more which you can find at department store or a store that sells those particular stuff.
When I am at school, or somewhere and I will read a book, I always want to have a lotion with me. Trust me, I bring all the time when I go to school. My Classmates would approach me if they need to put lotion on their knees.
I mostly like to use Victoria's Secret Body Lotion to a Hand Lotion because you will hold the book when you're reading right? and I really really really find that when I apply lotion to my hands, It makes me feel so moisturize as well as refreshed.
To clear things up, When I burn a candle I would not apply lotion on my hands because what's the candle's purpose? Lol

Tip #2: Be Comfortable

This is one of my all time problems when I am reading. I always want to have a blanket near beside me and also some plushies and pillows when I don't read on my bed. (which is very rare )
I always read on my bed. When I am at home, at school, I will just go to our Library or simply in my classroom in my desk.
We really can't avoid being tried of reading but we still want to read, therefore just prepare all of the cozy stuffs you have at home near you so that when you read, you don't have you walk 500 kilometers to the Living room to get your blanket.
Another one is having snacks while reading, but personally, I don't like it because I can't focus on what I'm reading, but some other people really enjoys that.
Tip #3: Write your thoughts/opinion
This is the reason why I created my very own bookstagram account aswell as my wordpress account. I always want to brust or tell you about my thoughts of this books, like that because not all of my friends read books, so basically I have no one to tell my thoughts so, before I started these accounts, I write down my thoughts on a notebook. But right now, I prefer doing these blogs because I could interact with my co-bookstagrammers who has a blog.

Tip #4: Follow Your Reading Mood
I bet no one ever talks this topic but actually, I realized I have a reading mood.
Sometimes, I want to read some SciFi books, Romatic Love Stories, Classic Books, Paranormal, etc. and when I follow that genre of a book that I am about to read, I am enjoying it.
This happens me all the time, I go to my book shelf with all my TBR's and pick randomly a book and I start reading but in the end, I didn't finished it or I am still at chapter one.
For me, this is because of our reading mood, I don't know but every time I read a book, I really want to follow my reading mood inorder to enjoy the book.
There is nothing special of this "reading mood" thingy, because you can actually feel it, sometimes, I go to the back cover of the book and read the synopsis, and when I think it's interesting, I'll read it.
I also don't like the TBR Jar thing because I've done that and unfortunately, It didn't work fr me, because yes, you get  excited what you'll read next but what if you don't like to read that book for the current time? It ends up bad.

Tip #5: Enjoy the book
This is somewhat related or just like the same as Tip #4 but it does have difference. *just a little bit.
Enjoy the book. Feel every single chapter, Imagine the scene, everything! Imagine, you're the protagonist, and you can generate your own thought about it,

**I wrote this blogpost 5 months ago on wordpress.com but sadly, I can't manage two blog accounts so I decided to move my blog posts on wordpress to Blogger (which is this one) but however, my original blogposts on my wordpress account is still available and you can read it there. But I am no longer using my account on wordpress.

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