Today's Look

April 02, 2016

Here's my look for today. I just being comfortable and not putting alot of effort to what I wear because I'm just in my house and I'm not going to somewhere as well, but if I'm gonna go to a friend's house or my grandma's house, I still wear this look because it is kinda presentable to me and it's very comfortable, the reason why I love this look.

I am a very huge fan of loose T-shirts and short shorts, mostly, I pair loose t-shirts with Demin Short Shorts because I think they look nice.

So here's my look for today.

My Top is from the Brand Route 66, but I don't know where to buy it because I only got mostly of my T-shirts from my Grandma which is living at the U.S.A and If you didn't know, I live in the Philippines, if that confuses you. lol

I love this Shirt like forever! The first time I saw this I literally screamed! It's very cute and ugh. I don't know, just sooooooooo cute!

My shorts is a little bit faded because I use this short alot and I got from the year 2014, and right know, we are in the year 2016, I really did had a great success in maintaining my hips haha! 

So, this short is from LAMOUR, again, my grandma gave me that shorts so I don't know where exactly she got it. Maybe she got it on Macy's, Wallmart, Target, IDK. 

What I like about this short is  it's very comfy, it's not that fitting and not that loose, then I really love the details, like those cute spikes.

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