April 04, 2016

A hot summer day needs a cool summer treat! Me and my Mom made these Buko Pandan Flavored Gulaman! It was sooo yummy and I think it only takes 1hr. to make it!
To start off, you need a pack of gulaman. My Mom personally love the Buko Pandan flavored Gulaman, butwe didn't add alot of stuff in it. Just purely Gelatin and The cream mixture, we combined a can of Condensed Milk and an All-purpose Cream and mix them well. We didn't put Kaong or nata de coco because we don't have to complete all the ingredients because we are just making this for ourselves and also, we are not serving them to a special ocassion. My Mom really avoids in adding coconut because You might not know, I'm allergic to Coconut! Yes! but since the Buko Pandan Flavor is Artificial, I can still eat gulaman! But, anything with coconut (with authentic coconut or just coconut milk etc.) is a no no for me.

P.S: Not sponsored by Zang Gulaman! 

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