Mostly Used Products

April 02, 2016

Here are some of my mostly used make-up products. I don't wear make-up every day but if I will go to somewhere and I need to look somewhat presentable, I would use these products.

L'OREALPARIS true match super-blendable powder (in the shade C1 alabaster)
What I like about this powder is it is super blendable, yes, it really meant what it says, but I don't know if for you, it dosen't blend well, but for me it's amazing! My skin is a little bit of brownish-type but not that brown tho, so I really enjoy the shade that I have. Also, I don't really use too much product to make it look more natural and sometimes, I cannot probably tell that I use a powder because it really blends with my skin very well. But, I don't like using this powder on my under eyes because I have another product that I really love to use in covering my under eye circles.

MAYBELLINE NEWYORK Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder (in the shade 02 NUDE BEIGE)
Before the L'OREAL true match blendable powder, I used to use this powder all over my face, but right now, Since I already have the blendable powder, I only use this on my under eyes, I personally love the coverage of this powder but I prefer it to use it on my under eyes only, this blends with the blendable powder perfectly, You can't tell any difference, I like this to use on my under eyes because of the coverage of course, and also the shade of it, it's abit similar to my skin color, and when I use the blendable powder on my under eyes, it's very white for me and it's too noticable so I prefer this powder  and also it has a great coverage!

 LANCOME Hypnose Drama Masacara Volume in Black
I don't like the smell of this piece of make-up. LOL, But, srsly, I really don't like the smell, it works just like the other mascaras which is fine and great but thumbs-down because of the smell, I really can't describe it, haha, or is it just me? I don't like the smell? haha but that's it, overall performance, good. love it.

Simply Pretty by Avon Clear Mascara 
I use this as an eyelash primer? haha. but before I put my actual tinted mascara, I need to have a layer of Clear Mascara,.

So far, Baby Lips is the only Lip Balm I really liked. I have some few lip balms in the past like Lip Smackers, Chapsticks, and some lip balms without a specific brands. But they really don't fit me, they are really weird when I apply it on my lips but however, when I started using Baby Lips, it feels so good, and really helps my lips to be mosturize. Plus, it has a great smell and it dosen't have too much shine compared to the other ones I have, and also very cheap!

Simply Pretty by AVON Magic Lipstick in the shade ML03 Snow Pink
I got this Lipstick years ago! haha! But really, I got this Lipstick in the year 2013. But hey, still looking good and still full and there are so many products pa! LOL, I really don't use lipstick in the year 2013-2015 because I just use Lip Balms, but this year, or actually last December 2015, I started wearing lipsticks, but I don't really wear those Bold Lip Colors, or those Shiny nor those Matte ones, I just wear lipsticks that can give a sheer color to my lips. 
Yes, it is a magic lipstick, when you apply it on your lips it will turn Pink or the Real Lip Color, not the white one which we can see it with our naked eyes so it is really surprising.
This lipstick really fits me because it's not that Shiny and it acts like a Lip Tint, My classmates used lip tints but I'm not a fan of that, so I'm using my Magic Lipstick.
It also stains your lips perfectly, It lasts in a long period and that's why I love it.

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