Moist Chocolate Cake

April 03, 2016

In food technology 9, this is our last project, my group member and I made a Chocolate cake! Here is our CAKE! We use the same recipe and procedures of the Chocolate Moist Cupcakes, And, can't you see? It's sooooo cute! If you didn't know, our theme is Kiddie Birthday, so I find something kiddie-friendly cake designs and I saw alot of them! I saw Minecraft, Barney, Disney Princesses, and many more! But, my classmates and I choose Baymax which is ok because why not? Baymax is adorbs as ever! I really miss my members, yeah I am the leader of our group and even if they give me alot of headaches, I still cherish the moments I have with them because they teach me alot of lessons, and they make my patience longer which is a great thing. For the members of Group 2, 9-Respect under my leadership, thankyou and godbless!


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